The European Data Protection Network

What does PRIVACY EUROPE offer?

intersoft consulting services set up the network in May 2011 with the main idea being to further promote the data protection topic at a European level. Together with our partners we aim to provide professional and specialised points of contact for companies operating internationally.

The data protection regulations throughout Europe differ in numerous aspects. PRIVACY EUROPE provides solutions which offer legal certainty e.g. when:

  • transferring data abroad
  • reviewing your privacy policy
  • ensuring compliance with European legislation and national laws
  • choosing to appoint a Data Protection Officer
  • coordinating processes with other group companies in Europe
  • using EU model clauses

More information about the network and its services can be found at:

Who are PRIVACY EUROPE’s partners?

Today the network has partners in almost every country in Europe. Membership of PRIVACY EUROPE requires a very high level of professional expertise and wide-ranging experience in data protection. All network partners are highly skilled legal experts in the field of data protection.

The network members meet once a year to discuss current developments relating to data protection in the EU and to exchange information about circumstances in specific countries and to develop new projects within the network.

What information does the PRIVACY EUROPE blog provide?

PRIVACY EUROPE also has a blog which keeps its readers up-to-date about the latest global developments concerning data protection and privacy. All our professional partners publish contributions which provide insights into recent developments in particular countries.
The articles are published regularly and offer up-to-date information about current and international issues. Articles are available here: