Group Data Protection Officer

Expert advice in complex structures

Data Protection Officer in the Corporate Group

In corporate groups, data protection needs to be coordinated and implemented by the parent company as services are often centralised and projects can concern the entire corporate group. These circumstances call for specific solutions.

These challenges become apparent in day-to-day business when implementing data protection structures, for example, drawing up group-wide data protection guidelines, and when implementing data transfer procedures between companies in the group which comply with data protection regulations.

As your Group Data Protection Officers, our consultants are able to provide you with practical solutions which take into account synergy effects and are especially tailored to your corporation’s situation. In this context, they can use the the entire pool of experience and solutions which are available to intersoft consulting services.

Important Service Areas

The following are some of the important services which our external Data Protection Officers provide in corporate groups:

  • Setting up a data protection organisation in the corporate group
  • Drawing up and implementing group-wide guidelines and procedures to ensure compliance with data protection regulation
  • Drafting data protection related documents in the corporate group
  • Supporting and monitoring group projects to ensure that they comply with data protection requirements
  • Ensuring that data is transferred within the corporate group in compliance with data protection regulations