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Data Protection Management Software – Guardileo

Guardileo is our user-friendly software solution for the implementation of the GDPR requirements in your company.

Your benefits

Discover the many benefits of our data protection management software.

  • Easy to use

    The software provides a highly intuitive operation. You will be guided step‑by‑step through clearly arranged input fields.

  • Developed by experts

    You can rely on Guardileo. Our many years of experience in the implementation of data protection regulations have merged into the development of the software.

  • Suitable for every company

    Guardileo has a modular structure. Therefore, our data protection software is just as suitable for start‑ups as it is for groups.

Central data protection management system for companies

For whom is the data protection management software intended?

Companies are subject to accountability. This means that they must be able to prove their compliance with the requirements of the GDPR. As a result, the requirements of documentation have increased significantly. However, it is about much more than just that: after all, transparency is not only valuable for data subjects, but also for the company itself. Data protection is a key quality indicator for corporate management. The best way to meet these requirements is to have a central, software‑based data protection management.

During the development of our solution, the Guardileo data protection management software, we were guided by two goals: precise implementation of data protection requirements and ease of use. As needs can differ depending on the size of the company, Guardileo has optional input fields, additional features and a modular structure. Our software is therefore equally suitable for small, medium‑sized companies and large international groups. Not only does it facilitate the work of the data protection officer, but the managing director, company owner or employee can operate it as well.

Data Protection Management Software Guardileo

Services of our data protection management software Guardileo

Records of processing activities
Prepare your records of processing activities by documenting the business operations of your company.
Standard processing activities
You can easily add and customise pre-filled processing activities for common business operations to your records.
Data protection impact assessment
If necessary, you can assess the risks of business operations according to data protection regulations.
Third-country transfer assessment
Documented measures to ensure the level of protection when transferring personal data to countries outside of Europe (EU/EEA).
Data processing
Record your service providers, sub-service providers as well as clients and manage the necessary data processing agreements.
Service provider checks
Regularly check the technical and organizational measures of your service providers and document the result of the checks.
Data protection organisation
Map your data protection organisation and create a contact list of all relevant persons.
Management of documents
File your data protection-relevant documents in an orderly manner and record the review of the documents.
Export function
Export the documents in MS Word format to amend them or in PDF format to make them available to supervisory authorities.
Dashboard for communication
Inform the involved employees and distribute new tasks via the dashboard.
Assessment of legitimate interests
Document the lawfulness of data processing and assessment of legitimate interests with the help of checklists.
Complaint management
Respond to requests from data subjects in a regulated procedure by sharing of work, which helps to meet deadlines and documentation.
Incident management
Notify personal data breaches to the supervisory authority in due time and document the communication to the data subjects.
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Key features

How does data protection management with Guardileo work?

Please choose:

Guardileo does not require any initial effort. The user receives an email with an invitation to create a password. No further steps are required to start using Guardileo, especially no time-consuming installation or configuration.

The user is mainly guided by a deliberate allocation of mandatory input fields and the automatic display and deactivation of input fields. The input fields are structured in a way that the required entries remain comprehensible and they are arranged in a logical order. Whenever an input field is not clear by itself, it is additionally explained in simple and concise language.

The entries are based on checklists and lists of keywords as far as possible, while the possibility of free text entries is reduced to a necessary extent. The user is assisted by the appropriate phrases and keywords, which considerably simplifies the completion of the entries. In addition, the user is provided with the common terminology.

Standard processing activities are pre-filled descriptions of common business operations. Like keyword lists, they serve to simplify the documentation. Standard processing activities and keyword lists can be edited. This enables the company to define its own standards, for example for the documentation of important business processes or for the designation of processing purposes or data categories.

All prepared and filed documents are marked with a processing status, indicated by a coloured marking. The status is always visible when a document is accessed. This makes it particularly easy to determine whether the legal department or the data protection officer, for example, has already reviewed a document. When documenting processing activities, the processing progress is displayed graphically.

After the review, processing activities and data protection impact assessments can no longer be altered. If a revision becomes necessary, the documents must first be cleared by the reviewers. Following the review of the revised documents, the earlier version is archived. The date and editor are logged. All previous versions can be exported.

For an effective data protection management, the regular review of documentation is necessary. A defined resubmission can therefore be set up for processing activities and data protection impact assessments. In addition, all documents can be resubmitted. Thus the implementation of action plans , for example, can be monitored.

Group structures can be easily displayed in Guardileo. Processing activities can be documented group-wide as well as separately for individual group companies. Service providers, data protection officers and coordinators can be assigned to individual group companies.

Users can be easily registered and administered. They can be assigned different roles, such as data protection officer, data protection coordinator or employee. The roles result in different user rights, e.g. the authorisation to check documents or to approve them for changes.

In larger companies in particular, there is a need to limit access to data protection documentation according to departments or affiliated companies. The authorisation system therefore makes it possible to restrict access. Depending on the selected restriction, users can only access the contracts, processing activities, etc. that apply to their respective department or affiliated company.

We provide the Guardileo data protection management software in a German and an English version.

Guardileo‘s software and IT infrastructure is operated by intersoft consulting services AG and provided to you as a service (Software as a Service/SaaS). However, we also offer the purchase of a software license. You can rent the software and run it on your own servers (On Premises).

The Guardileo data protection software is operated exclusively on the servers of intersoft consulting services AG (or on your servers if you opt for an on premise-solution). The information security management system (ISMS) of intersoft consulting services AG is certified according to ISO/IEC 27001. Web access is TLS-secured and only accessible with a user ID and password. The password must be changed after registration and is stored in encrypted format.

Practical implementation of the GDPR

Guardileo is a scalable solution for making companies of all sizes data protection compliant.

Comprehensive data protection management
Sustainable data protection is an ongoing process that requires a constant monitoring of the implementation status. This permanent review and implementation process is enabled by a data protection management system. Software solutions support the documentation, review, optimisation and implementation of all relevant data protection measures. To this end, Guardileo serves as the central platform within the company. You gain a clear overview and reduce the workload.

Simplify responsibilities
Employees responsible for individual business courses, data protection coordinators, the legal department and controlling, the executive board and, last but not least, the data protection officer: many people are involved in the company‘s data protection organisation. With access to a central tool, their work coordination can be improved. Tasks can be assigned more easily and responsibilities can be simplified.

Reducing effort
The experience of many data protection officers has been taken into account in the development of Guardileo. The aim was to simplify processes so that the tool can be used without in-depth prior knowledge of data protection law. Intuitive usability, appealing user interfaces, a clear structure and concise, comprehensible explanations contribute to this. Finding one‘s own formulations is taken off the user‘s hands as much as possible. Keyword lists and checklists help the user to select the correct information. Pre-filled descriptions of processing activities are available for common courses of business.

Integration of corporate structures
In a group, each individual company is a controller under data protection law. Group-wide business operations must therefore be documented in each group company. In Guardileo, the corresponding processing activities as well as data protection impact assessments can be created in a consistent manner. The export function is separately available for each individual company, so that each controller can verify the accountability obligations.

Modular design for medium and large-scale structures
Guardileo‘s simple usability, clear structure and comprehensive input fields make it suitable for small businesses. Their employees, company owners or managing directors are able to handle the documentation requirements without in-depth knowledge of data protection law. With the help of optional input fields, additional features and a modular structure, Guardileo also meets the complex documentation.

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