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Data Protection E-Learning – Guardileo Trainer

Guardileo Trainer is our modern e-learning solution for data protection training in your company.

Your benefits

Convince yourself of the advantages of our online data protection training.

  • Modern knowledge transfer

    A lively narrative form, current practical examples, interactive comprehension checks and exciting animations deepen knowledge in a lasting way.

  • Developed by experts

    Our years of experience in staff training in data protection have gone into the development. We were supported by educators and e-learning experts.

  • Proof of the training

    After passing the test, each participant receives a certificate. This way, you and your company can prove that the training was successful.

E-learning on the basics of data protection

Who is the online training intended for?

The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) obliges companies to train employees in data protection. Most employees only need a basic knowledge and no special data protection knowledge, such as employees in the HR department. In order to teach employees, the basics of data protection, classroom training is too costly. That is why e-learning courses have become popular, which employees can complete conveniently at their stationary or mobile workplaces. They are free to decide when to attend and can interrupt and resume the course at any time.

To convey the basic knowledge, we have translated the complex requirements of the GDPR into situations from every day (work) life. Practical examples are used to raise awareness of the protection of personal data.

Data Protection E-Learning with Guardileo Trainer

Services of our e-learning course

Introductory video
The animated introductory video generates attention and makes clear how important the protection of personal data is.
Personal data & Data processing
The example of an online order is used to explain what personal data is and how it is processed.
The principles of data processing
The basic principles of data protection are illustrated by the marketing activities of an online shop.
The rights of data subjects
A customer of the online shop demonstrates how data subjects exercise their rights.
Typical data protection violations
An employee of the online shop commits various data protection violations.
Safety first: Data security
Multiple sources of risk must be detected in the employee’s office.
The data protection officer
The data protection officer explains her tasks.
Test your knowledge
A final test with ten multiple-choice questions.
Hintergrundgrafik intersoft consulting services AG
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Key features

How does the e-learning solution work with Guardileo Trainer?

Please choose:

You will receive a link from us that you can send by email to the employees of your company. Your employees must register once and can then complete the course.

A user-friendly design guides participant intuitively from chapter to chapter.

Your employees will receive a certificate confirming that they have passed the final test. Your company can thus prove that the employees have been trained.

As administrators, you can track whether your employees have already completed the course and successfully completed the test.

We provide the Guardileo Trainer in a German and an English language version.

The Guardileo Trainer software and IT infrastructure is operated by intersoft consulting services AG and provided to you as a service (Software as a Service/SaaS). However, within the framework of a licence agreement, we can also provide you with the Scorm file so that you can operate Guardileo Trainer on your own learning platform (On Premise).

The Guardileo Trainer is operated exclusively on the servers of intersoft consulting services AG (or on your servers if you opt for an on-premise solution). The information security management system (ISMS) of intersoft consulting services AG is certified according to ISO/IEC 27001. Web access is TLS-secured and only possible with user ID and password. The password must be changed after logging in and is stored in encrypted form.

Efficient online training on data protection

Guardileo Trainer is an efficient e-learning solution to meet the obligation of data protection training.

Effective training with little effort
Companies of all sizes face the challenge of training their employees in data protection. In doing so, they are not only fulfilling a legal obligation. Regular training is also an integral part of comprehensive data protection management. Thorough instruction of employees is therefore in the interest of every company, whereby the time required must be limited. We have therefore developed an e-learning course that is quite demanding but can also be completed in a manageable amount of time.

Modern learning methods
Data protection training can be exciting! With the Guardileo Trainer, this is due to the interplay of animations, appealing design, playful and interactive elements, many practical examples, compact learning units and understandable language. But it certainly also has to do with our main characters, the likeable hard-rock supporter Anna, the clever “Dr. Datenschutz”, the creative marketing manager Chris and our data protection officer Alexandra, who spread a lot of learning fun.

Benefit from experience
With our e-learning courses, we train tens of thousands of our clients’ employees every year. As data protection experts, we have conducted countless face-to-face training sessions on all aspects of data protection. In addition, we organise webinars on data protection. We therefore know how to create sustainable awareness for data protection. Among other things, this is achieved by concentrating on the essentials so that participants are not overwhelmed. Benefit from our many years of experience!

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